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Ipswich Friends of the Earth Suffolks Green Story and Love Nature

Ipswich Friends of the Earth participated in the Exhibition held at the Hold, Fore Street, Ipswich from 4 February to 18 June by lending a 'Bee Brick' . The Exhibition titled 'Suffolk’s Green story' explored the Suffolk environment past and present and the role we can all play in bringing about change going forward.

Ipswich Friends of the Earth took part in the 'Love Nature' event at Christchurch Mansion on 15 February. The advertising for this event was, "free activities, get stuck into some eco-themed fun at Christchurch Mansion.

Meet local experts, learn about our local environment and wildlife, and discover how you can help tackle climate change". On our stand we had a laptop for members of the public to establish their approximate carbon footprint by using the WWF footprint calculator at the link

On the stand we displayed the QR code for the link to the WWF footprint calculator and encouraged them to take a photo of this with their mobile phone so they could use this footprint calculator after they left the stand.

We also gave participants the 'Thirty by 30' leaflet to guide them as to who they can reduce their carbon footprint.

We also sought that members of the public would make a pledge as to what they would do to help the Environment. These pledges were written on a heart shaped card which was then hung on a display pf twigs on the stand.

After the event these pledges were sent to the Ipswich MP Tom Hunt.

Those members of the public that visited the stand with less than a minute of time available were invited to add a sticker on a flipchart in the space to represent the answer of yes or no to these four questions:-

  • Should air pollution in Ipswich be reduced?

  • Should there be better investment in public transport?

  • Should there be more nature?

  • Is there too much litter?

By contributing their perspective they become aware of the perspective of others.

We also had on our stand details of our next meeting for visitors to photo various leaflets and packets of Bee Wildflower seed mix to give away.

If you would like to get involved, attend meetings, come along to our working parties and attend and help staff events please get in touch with us at

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