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Our team have crammed in a lot this year so far. We've attended many events, listened and learned from experts, like minded groups and people and eco friendly businesses.

Check out below a round up of what we've been up to:

Ipswich Friends of the Earth participated in the Earth Day Circular Economy Event on the 21 April Earth Day event, University of Suffolk.

This year’s theme asked us to take care of the earth by taking care of its ecosystems.There was an opportunity to learn how to embed aspects of the circular economy into organisations and share best practices.

Speakers included:

  • Joolz Thompson - Community Climate Action

  • Jason Alexander - Rubbish Walks

  • Fiona Edwards - JPA Workspaces Furniture

  • Ella-Rose Harrison Reeve - Spectra Packaging

  • Chloe Donovan - Natural Building Systems

  • Nick Woolley - Pilgrim’s Sustainable Houses

  • Justine Oakes - University of Suffolk.

Lisa supplied the brown boards which were used in our display. We were also grateful to Craig Renton of Suffolk County Council who supplied recycling leaflets.

What else have we been up to?

Oak Tree Farm Open Day

A representative of Ipswich Friends of the Earth helped with the Oak Tree Farm Open Day on 21 May. There were tours of the farm and lots of craft and wildlife activities for all the family. A great day out.

Woodbridge Climate Talks and Walks

We attended the the Woodbridge Climate Talks in May and some of the walks. You can find out more about the Woodbridge Climate Action Centre and coming events here:

Museum of Environment

On 3 June a representative of Ipswich Friends of the Earth helped with the launch of the Museum of the Environment (MOTE) (The museum of the future - The museum for all our futures) For more info check out the link here.

Manningtree Earth Festival

A representative of Ipswich Friends of the Earth attended the Manningtree Earth Festival at the end of June which was a great success - over 3,000 visitors came to look round 58 stalls that set out some of the positive practical actions that we can take to help tackle climate change and support local wildlife! More information here.

Biodiversity Talk

A representative of Ipswich Friends of the Earth gave a talk on Biodiversity at Westerfield on 09 July 2023

Sizewell C

On 10 July Together Against Sizewell C (TASC) with support from Suffolk Coastal Friends of the Earth decided to appeal against the decision by Judge Holgate to reject our claim for a judicial review of the then Secretary of State, Kwasi Kwarteng’s approval of the Sizewell C development consent order. For more info click here.

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Representatives from Ipswich Friends of the Earth attended the Stowmarket Eco Future Group's March events. Read more below about the events and the discussions at the Stowmarket Eco Futures Group.

10 March 2023

“What can we do to help the planet?”

An Illustrated talk and discussion by John Hall, Chair of PACE (Practical Actions for Climate and the Environment, Manningtree). John covered a wide range of positive and practical choices we can all make to help tackle Climate Change and Biodiversity loss.

He explained that while we all have limitations on what we can do, but it’s now critical that everyone does something otherwise heatwaves, floods, other extremes of climate and loss of local wildlife will get progressively worse.

John's presentation was followed by a Heat Pump demonstration by Peter Miller from Conga Ltd.

17 March 2023

Screening of BBC production “Shop Well for the Planet”.

Tips on how to live a greener lifestyle and save money from the Shop Well for Less and Eat Well for Less teams. In the words of Chris Bavin, (television presenter) the message from this film was “In the same way some of us still think eating healthily is more expensive, lots of us think going a bit greener is expensive too. I think it’s essential we show everyone that you can do both; not only be environmentally conscious but save money too. Also, that you can make some big carbon reductions but not completely alter your lifestyle. And if we can get that message across then I think we could all together make a significant difference.” .The film was followed by a talk by Bonitas Wholefoods about shopping local, local refill options and opportunities to make local sustainable choices.

You can visit our links page here for a list of refill shops in our area.

24 March 2023

Talk with the title of ’Nearly all to play for.

Building a successful mass moderate flank together’ by Professor Rupert Read, a renowned climate and environmental campaigner. He spoke about the attitude he calls ‘stubborn realism’: about building a successful mass movement together, on the basis of truth, out of the ashes of the hopes we once may have had for a smooth transition to a greener future. The event also featured two short films, “Out Of The Ashes” and “The Climate Scientists”.

You can watch "Out of the Ashes" here or listen to Rupert here:

There is more information about the Stowmarket Eco Future Group at the link

Ipswich Friends of the Earth participated in the Exhibition held at the Hold, Fore Street, Ipswich from 4 February to 18 June by lending a 'Bee Brick' . The Exhibition titled 'Suffolk’s Green story' explored the Suffolk environment past and present and the role we can all play in bringing about change going forward.

Ipswich Friends of the Earth took part in the 'Love Nature' event at Christchurch Mansion on 15 February. The advertising for this event was, "free activities, get stuck into some eco-themed fun at Christchurch Mansion.

Meet local experts, learn about our local environment and wildlife, and discover how you can help tackle climate change". On our stand we had a laptop for members of the public to establish their approximate carbon footprint by using the WWF footprint calculator at the link

On the stand we displayed the QR code for the link to the WWF footprint calculator and encouraged them to take a photo of this with their mobile phone so they could use this footprint calculator after they left the stand.

We also gave participants the 'Thirty by 30' leaflet to guide them as to who they can reduce their carbon footprint.

We also sought that members of the public would make a pledge as to what they would do to help the Environment. These pledges were written on a heart shaped card which was then hung on a display pf twigs on the stand.

After the event these pledges were sent to the Ipswich MP Tom Hunt.

Those members of the public that visited the stand with less than a minute of time available were invited to add a sticker on a flipchart in the space to represent the answer of yes or no to these four questions:-

  • Should air pollution in Ipswich be reduced?

  • Should there be better investment in public transport?

  • Should there be more nature?

  • Is there too much litter?

By contributing their perspective they become aware of the perspective of others.

We also had on our stand details of our next meeting for visitors to photo various leaflets and packets of Bee Wildflower seed mix to give away.

If you would like to get involved, attend meetings, come along to our working parties and attend and help staff events please get in touch with us at

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