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Ipswich Friends of the Earth attended the Stowmarket Eco Future Group's in March

Representatives from Ipswich Friends of the Earth attended the Stowmarket Eco Future Group's March events. Read more below about the events and the discussions at the Stowmarket Eco Futures Group.

10 March 2023

“What can we do to help the planet?”

An Illustrated talk and discussion by John Hall, Chair of PACE (Practical Actions for Climate and the Environment, Manningtree). John covered a wide range of positive and practical choices we can all make to help tackle Climate Change and Biodiversity loss.

He explained that while we all have limitations on what we can do, but it’s now critical that everyone does something otherwise heatwaves, floods, other extremes of climate and loss of local wildlife will get progressively worse.

John's presentation was followed by a Heat Pump demonstration by Peter Miller from Conga Ltd.

17 March 2023

Screening of BBC production “Shop Well for the Planet”.

Tips on how to live a greener lifestyle and save money from the Shop Well for Less and Eat Well for Less teams. In the words of Chris Bavin, (television presenter) the message from this film was “In the same way some of us still think eating healthily is more expensive, lots of us think going a bit greener is expensive too. I think it’s essential we show everyone that you can do both; not only be environmentally conscious but save money too. Also, that you can make some big carbon reductions but not completely alter your lifestyle. And if we can get that message across then I think we could all together make a significant difference.” .The film was followed by a talk by Bonitas Wholefoods about shopping local, local refill options and opportunities to make local sustainable choices.

You can visit our links page here for a list of refill shops in our area.

24 March 2023

Talk with the title of ’Nearly all to play for.

Building a successful mass moderate flank together’ by Professor Rupert Read, a renowned climate and environmental campaigner. He spoke about the attitude he calls ‘stubborn realism’: about building a successful mass movement together, on the basis of truth, out of the ashes of the hopes we once may have had for a smooth transition to a greener future. The event also featured two short films, “Out Of The Ashes” and “The Climate Scientists”.

You can watch "Out of the Ashes" here or listen to Rupert here:

There is more information about the Stowmarket Eco Future Group at the link

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