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Thirty by 30 Challenge - The Journey so far

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

One of our committee members has been taking part in the thirty by 30 challenge.

If everyone makes small changes it can make a big difference! Read what Charles has been up to below.

The Thirty for 30 approach is to "Choose one new behaviour per year - Start where you feel comfortable. After one year, select another | Tell someone else".

As we approach the new year I want to tell you about my new behaviour for 2022 and what new behaviour I will select for 2023.

My new behaviour for 2022 was to Plant ten trees. I was fortunate in that I am a volunteer with the local Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and so all the trees and equipment were provide at a site on the south bank of the River Stour. There was training not to position the stake so that it damaged the tree roots.

My new behaviour that I have selected for 2023 is to Install a smart meter. I need to change electricity supplier next summer so as explained by the consumers’ rights publication Which?, I need a “ second-generation smart meters". This should not lose its smart functions when one switches because they’re connected to the central wireless network which all energy suppliers should be able to use”.

As for the other items I have achieved the following:-

  • 2 meat-free days per week or low carbon meat

  • Reduce food waste -

  • Install solar PV panels

  • Switch electricity to only renewable sources

  • Lower house temperature

  • Replace fossil fuel car with Electric Vehicle (EV)

  • Replace fossil fuel car with Hybrid vehicle

  • High active (cycle, walking) & public transport

  • Cut one return flight London-Rome or Malaga

  • Cut one return flight medium haul to Europe

  • Cut one return flight London-New York or Dubai

  • Reduce new textiles and clothing

  • Recycle all plastic

  • Recycle all paper/card

  • No disposal of clothing (wear-me 30 times)

  • Working from home

  • No pets

  • Full part of sharing and volunteering economy

  • Plant ten trees (10 years to save 1.0 t)

I am yet to do the following:-

  • Vegetarian diet

  • Vegan diet -

  • Eat only sustainable & organic foods

  • Only eat local food

  • Install heat pump for home

  • Renewable heating sources only

  • Refurbish home with best insulation

  • Install smart meter

  • Go car free

  • Car pooling & sharing

You can download the Thirty by 30: Cut Your Carbon Leaflet below.

You can take part in this challenge by reducing plastic milk bottles, refills, using public transport, all kinds of things that added together will help to reduce your carbon footprint

You can check your individual carbon footprint using the WWF calculator you can find here.

Thirty for 30 (3)
Download PDF • 362KB

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