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Resilient Forums & Climate Action Centre

The last few months our members have been out and about to different events and venues to see what information is available to everyone in our area.

Charles - Climate Resilient Communities Forum

On 21.11.22 I attended the Greenprint Forum event on the theme of Climate Resilient Communities. We heard about the challenges faced by communities in the face of climate change, how communities are making positive changes towards resilience to face these challenges, and what the aspirations of our communities are. The speakers were Dr Alison Pooley, University of Suffolk; and Joolz Thompson, of iFarm. The full programme is available here:

There was an opportunity for attendees to network and I spoke met Chloe Donovan (Managing Director Natural Building Systems Limited) who produces carbon negative insulation. For more information click the link

Paul - Climate Change Centre - Woodbridge

I had a very enjoyable day at the opening of the Climate Action Centre at the Woodbridge Tide Mill - arriving just in time for the mayor to declare it open to the flashing press cameras.

People came to hear from the specialists on topics ranging from Energy Efficiency at Home, to Local Food, Biodiversity, Water Quality on the Deben and beyond.

I was interested to hear from locals who had in-depth knowledge and practical experience of topics such as year on year cost benefits of residential solar panels, heat pumps.

There was an air of excitement about the Mill, and it is good to see locals talking about local Climate Crisis solutions.

They were open again on Saturday 26th November with the entertaining Prof Peter Hobson speaking about how we can develop local grass-roots projects but sadly I could not make that day. Other open days will be listed on their Facebook page.

As a side note there was access to the terrific Tide Mill building with its tidal powered paddle wheel - what a fitting location for a Climate Centre.

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